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This page is simply to allow access to freeware documents / references that I run across. Nothing here is original but everything here should be useful.

Navy Machinery Repairman manual.pdf

Jet engine plans,
   Turbo Prop addon for above.

General Lathe set-up .pdf

Army Courses
   US Army machinist course - Milling Machine Operations OD1644.pdf
   Lathe Operation tc 9-524.pdf
   US Army machinist course - Lathe Operations OD1645.pdf
   Lathe, 9-inch US Army (TM 9-3416-234-14&P).pdf

Machine Reconditioning and testing (thanks to Ken)

This section is removed at one of the document owners request, so to be safe the rest also,




It is my intention to keep the material here in case the original sites go away. We have all experienced the suckiness of sites with 72 links, 48 of which are dead. Hopefully all items will have the source properly acknowledged inside the document so I will not add the clutter here. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THESE AVAILABLE!! If the owners of the docs want them removed for any reason please let me know.

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January 8, 2016