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Below can be seen some of the machinery in WV. I had the pleasure of running the old brute of a lathe seen below in the summer of 2011. It hadn't been run in decades and was owned by Joe's Grandfather. It seemed sadened to see us finish the work and leave. Joe and I both looked behind us somewhat expecting to be followed.

1st reduction head end QC lever Chuck & crossfeed

pedistal tailstock from foot ts2


At the same site there is also a shaper

shaper shaper2

Randy sent a care package from WV 4/2012

shaper shaper2 shaper2

The Mics and odds in bits were much apreciated and immediatly went into Joe's cabinet so he no longer needs to reach for mine as much. I got the biggest kick out of the vintage indicating equipment. I'd say older than me and still usable



There was in this building a huge snow engine/NG compressor. Joes's family gave it to a consortium up north to resurect. So here it is as it sat.


snow engine in building

The consortium moved it out (no small expense for sure) and made a new foundation for it.


arriving arriving arriving arriving



We received another update on the progress. Due to horrible weather in the northern midwest this year (2014) They didn't get as far as they would like. There was an additional bother with the yearly show drawing so many people they were requied to do some major facilities improvement. Some problems are welcome.


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More to come as the site advances.

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