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This simple device helps make having all those SHCS lengths a thing of the past. I simply buy a couple lengths of each diameter/pitch and use a SoScrewed and a dremel to cut to length.

1st reduction

Simply thread the bolt into the proper hole (2x.4mm, 3x.5mm, 3.5x.6mm, 4x.7mm, 5x.8mm, 6x1mm) of the tool steel SoScrewed and cut it off. A couple grinds on the face to flatten it (if you really suck with a dremel) and threading it out makes sure it will start like store bought. Joe took the prototype  above to his lair, muttering that he could buy really long bolts to use for blade bolts and not have anything but shoulder on the blades and no threads hanging out below.

Looking closely at the picture above you can see the SHCS is cut a good way through.

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