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Raptor .50 electric conversion

After making the adapter plate for the R90 we decided that the idea should work fine on the R50 So we set to work on it. Joe did the bulk of the work and it seems to have turned out just fine. We are both very interested in this conversion because we both own scalers with R50 mechanics.


The plate sitting on top the fan shroud as it will be when bolted down. We came to the conclusion that with no moving bearing blocks on the R50 there could be some problems getting it aligned with the starter shaft bearings which add support to the pinion. We decided to make an alignment guide to help with the install. It is the cylindrical item sitting atop the motor mount plate.



A 4mm shaft such as the main shaft from a 450 class heli can act as a guide by passing through the starter shaft bearings (both utilizing the bearing normally used on the upper with a 4mm bore) and into the guide once your holes are marked the alignment guide is no longer needed except to perhaps check before tightening the bolts.



Bottom view.

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7/23/12 5:56

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