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If you didn't get here from the projects page this design was scrapped for now, as it didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling about being robust enough. After removing enough material to get the cutter at CL there wasn't IMHO enough dovetail left. Back on the projects page is a tangential cutter that I think is a huge improvement. Much more solid, easier to make, and use.

insert begin finish from foot

11 degree Dovetail fitted for a look

1st picture is block cut from larger block with a porta-band and squared off (mostly).
2nd is beginning to impart an 11° angle for the HSS bits.
Joe finishing the angle (click for a movie of bluechips running the fly cutter).
4th picture is the finished angle.
5th is the slots cut for the tool bits one for LH and another for RH/facing.
6th is the home made dovetail cutter (see above) put to work on this project and making good chips.
7th is nearly finished. It's still too tall even after removing .5 inch with the home made slitting saw arbor (above). I think I need another .250" off the bottom and maybe a step to the tools on top of about the same. Holes for the clamping screws need threading but I have had a rash of broken 4mm taps lately and am waiting on the arrival of more.

I soon realized (I'm slow at times) that this basic design might do good at replacing the compound on mini lathes and possibly be great on like a CA aloris QCTP . The way I went at it from the top down was wrong and you'd need to go from the bottom up to tool height on center. I may be able to use it on the 9x20 we'll see.

from foot

Steve's Projects

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